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LOVE Letter Stamps


Together is an Elemental-based Data Centre (DC) Companion Repository in FFXIV.  Currently, individuals may only look for a companion by posting in the Lodestone forum or via in-game RP dating services..


However, Together  focuses on creating a companionship repository portal dedicated to the Elemental DC for ease of access to individuals located in this DC, to allow individuals who have signed up for this service to have a better chance to meet someone and build long-lasting relationships.



Hi everyone, I'm Leah De'estia from Tonberry. I had previously used the Lodestone forum to try and look for an in-game partner whom i can spend time with together, but found out that the system was more catered to the NA/EU servers and there weren't many individuals from Elemental DC. I want to allow fellow DC friends to be able to look for someone here with ease of convenience, without fear of being judged as everyone deserves another chance at love and friendship!

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