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(revised as of 12.6.22)



1. Registrations
are free.

2. You will be registered as both a Featured Candidate & as a Selector for an unlimited no. of times.

3. All registrations now require profiles to be featured before selection can take place.

4 . We will need to collect information from you for your profile to be featured. Please provide as much info as possible.

5. Please give us at least 3 days to receive your registration and to initiate contact with you.





1. We will be arranging a meet-up with you 1-1 to take your photo to be featured on the website.

2. We will allow candidates to choose 2 poses + 2 expressions of their choice for the photos.

3. We will not be re-taking the photos after it has been taken UNLESS
you have changed race or gender. 

4. You may choose to change your profile content but do allow us up to 1 week to implement the change.




1. Once your profile has been uploaded, you may select up to 1 candidate at 1 time.

2. We will check Featured Candidate's profile against Selector's profile to see if preferences match.

3. Then, we will initiate contact with Featured Candidate to inform that they have a potential match, and will provide Selector's profile as well to confirm if they are keen.

*Rest assured that all contact info are not disclosed at this point.

3. Once Featured Candidate is keen on Selector's profile, we will provide contact details of both parties to each other and match is completed.

4. We will be taking down profiles of both participants. 

5. If match does not work out, either party to contact me to inform and we will re-feature both sides. 


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